Tin House


Birds-eye view from third floor down to the building's foyer.


  • When did Tin House start?

    May 1999

  • Where are the Tin House offices located?

    The main office is in northwest Portland, Oregon. The magazine is actually named after the office building in Portland, which is an old Victorian with corrugated zinc siding and is known in the neighborhood as “the tin house.” The East Coast office is in Brooklyn.

  • Which office handles what?

    The Portland office deals with advertising, distribution, promotion, back-issue sales, editorial, submission guidelines, unsolicited and solicited manuscripts, art direction, contracts, photo acquisition, and general inquiries. The Portland office also houses our book division and writers workshop. The New York office deals with solicited manuscripts, editorial, promotion and local distribution.

  • Who does your fulfillment, printing, and website?Subscriptions are processed through our fulfillment house, PCS, in Escondido, CA. We are printed by RR Donnelley & Sons in Crawfordsville, IN. Our website was created by Swift Collective in Portland, OR, and we’re hosted by Opus Interactive.


  • How often does it come out?

    Four times per year: the first week of December, March, June, and September

  • Can you subscribe?

    Yes, you can subscribe to Tin House or buy it off the newsstands and at bookstores. To subscribe, call 1-800-786-3424. For subscriptions, click here.

  • Do your magazines accept manuscripts via fax or email?

    We do not accept manuscripts via fax, but you can submit electronically here. You can also send manuscripts to our PO Box.
    Unsolicited manuscripts may be sent to:

  • Editors, PO Box 10500 Portland, OR 97296-0500

  • Agented manuscripts may be sent to:
    Editors, Tin House PMB 280, 320 Seventh Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Do you read unsolicited manuscripts all year long?

    No, only September to May. See “submission guidelines” for specifics.

  • Who decides what goes in the magazine?

    It’s a democratic process that starts with a small group of readers (most of them are based in Portland) who read everything and pass on the most appropriate work to the editors in both offices. After much discussion, the editors vote to either run the story, hold it, or pass on it. In general, majority rules, but passion counts for a lot.

  • Do you sell ad space in Tin House magazine?

    Yes, you can see our advertising specs here.


  • Do you accept unsolicited submissions?

    Sadly, no. We have at various times, but our editorial staff is too small to keep up with the reading load and still provide the kind of attention we like to the manuscripts we do accept.


  • Do I have to have an MFA in order to attend the workshop?

    No, there are no educational or publishing requirements in order to apply for the workshop. We accept applicants based solely on the promise of their manuscript.

  • May I enroll in more than one workshop?

    Given the intense nature of the week, students may only sign up for one workshop.  However, students may attend as many craft seminars, panel discussions, and evening readings as they like.

  • Do we have to workshop the same manuscript that we applied with?

    No, students may choose to workshop a different manuscript from the one they applied with. If you would like to use a different manuscript, please mail it to us no latter than May 31st. Unless we hear otherwise, we will assume that the manuscript you applied with is the one you intend to workshop this summer.

  • How long can my manuscript be?

    For Fiction or Nonfiction, submit no more than twenty pages. For poetry, no more than 10 pages.