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Final Master Plot Challenge Underway

Our weekly Plotto contest winners: Laura Horley, Richard Osgood, Yasuko Thanh, Henry Leung, and Randall Brown are hard at work on The Final Master Plot Challenge. Each writer is using their copy of Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots to construct an original Masterplot. (A Masterplot consists of three Clauses, an “A” Clause, a “B” Clause and “C” Clause. Those three Clauses carry the plot technically from its introduction, through ascending action to crisis and on to denouement. The A Clause is the protagonist clause, the B Clause initiates and carries on the action, and the C Clause carries on and terminates the action.)

The winner of THE FINAL MASTER PLOT CHALLENGE  will be announced Wednesday, March 28th and their story published on the Tin House Blog. The winner will also receive The Writer’s Series that includes the best books on the craft of writing and the writing life. The Writer’s Notebook, The Story About the Story, and The World Within are featured in this series.

We will be starting the next series of Plotto challenges on Wednesday, April 4th. In the meantime, please enjoy this example of a Masterplot Chart from Plotto:

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