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Summer Workshop Reading Schedule

For us Portlanders, June is a cruel month. While the rest of the country bathes in rays of sunshine, we are forced to endure Fleet Week traffic, Kevin Durant’s march towards destiny (Oden!), and rain on our parade (literally). June is to Portland as Lane Pryce is to dealing with debt (spoiler alert).

Thank goodness for July then. Not only do we finally get to take our Pendeltons off, but we get to do so while listening to some of the best writers in the country read in an amazing amphitheater that overlooks a pond. Bam!

And what does this have to do with you, a selfish person might ask? Well, if you happen to find yourself in Portland during the week of July 8-14th, you too could experience the magic of the evening readings at the Tin House Summer Writer’s Workshop. They are open to the public ($5 at the door) and commence at 8pm nightly.

For a sample of the magic, head over to our podcast page for a listen to some of the past readings that we have been lucky enough to host.

Sunday, July 8th

8 p.m.
Reading and signing with Christopher R. Beha, Karen Karbo, & Wells Tower

Monday, July 9th
8 p.m.
Reading and signing with Leni Zumas, Stephen Elliott, & Matthew Zapruder

Tuesday, July 10th
8 p.m.
Reading and signing with Pauls Toutonghi, Dana Spiotta, & Antonya Nelson

Wednesday, July 11th
8 p.m.
Reading and signing with Elissa Schappell, Melissa Stein, & Steve Almond

Thursday, July 12th
8:00 p.m.
Reading and signing with Ann Hood, Anthony Doerr, & Jonathan Dee

Friday, July 13th
8 p.m.
Reading and signing with Aimee Bender, Mary Szybist, & Robert Boswell

Saturday, July 14th
8 p.m.
Reading and signing with D.A. Powell, Paul Harding, & Dorothy Allison
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