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The Tin House Portland/Brooklyn Mix-Tape

How could we put out a Portland/Brooklyn theme issue and not include a soundtrack? To that end, we invited Brooklyn-based feminist noise-rockers Amy Klein and Catherine Tung of Hilly Eye and, from the City of Roses, the ambient electro-acoustic musician Liz Harris, of Grouper, to curate an epic mix that captures the sonic landscape of our hometowns.

“The music coming out of Brooklyn is receiving a lot of attention right now,” notes Klein and Tung. “Perhaps because it is being produced by a particularly young, particularly entrepreneurial set. Competition is stiff, which breeds technical and artistic savvy.” To wit: Fiasco, TEEN, and “Magnetic Island, which melds math-rock rhythms with mind-expanding flights of guitar.”

“Current Portland culture feels really clean and safe to me,” Harris says. “The Portland I first saw that made me want to move here is largely gone.” She chose bands like Golden Retriever, Pulse Emitter, and Operative because they “epitomize a riskier, grittier past music culture I find myself fetishizing a bit—my fantasy version of this city.”

The result of their collaboration is a headphone worthy soundtrack that takes you from the Gowanus Canal to the Burnside Bridge. A mix-tape, filled with the catchy hooks you might hear playing at a Park Slope BBQ, or the slightly ominous sounds that accompany your Stumptown coffee on a rainy Portland day. A combination of music that both defines and expands on what it means to call Brooklyn and Portland home.

But enough chatter. There is music to be played.

Listen and download here.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Sherman Alexie on Portland: “There’s something special too about being from the Pacific Northwest,which is by far the most literate region of the country and one of the most literate regions of the world. The Seattle to Portland corridor is powered by books.”

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