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The Portland Brooklyn Student Art Project

Back in January, Tin House decided to reach out to illustration students at Brooklyn and Portland art schools in hopes of tapping some burgeoning local talent for our then upcoming Portland/Brooklyn issue. We ultimately we found avid participants in Scott Menchin, illustration instructor at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and Martin French, the chair of the illustration department at Portland’s Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Given nine poems (from poets Lisa Ceccarello, Jae Choi, Monica Ferrell, Bianca Stone, Caitlin Vance, Mariana Weiss) and one short story (by Ursula K. LeGuin) that would eventually be published in the issue, the participating students were to asked to create illustrations that both encapsulated as well as expanded upon the written text.

Twenty-five students finished the project – 18 from PNCA and 7 from Pratt. PNCA students worked with feedback from Janet Parker, Tin House’s Art Director, while the Pratt students opted to submit final pieces, conceived and developed within their classroom.

To our delight (but not our surprise), the students turned in an arresting and wildly innovative body of work. Included in the issue were illustrations from Jinie Choi (Pratt), Kayla Mayer (PNCA), Liz Schafroth (PNCA) and Matt Seely (PNCA).

As is often the case with the magazine, space prohibited us from publishing all of the fantastic content we received. Listed below are the final submissions to the project. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for illustrator credits. You can also click on the individual images in order to enlarge them.

Participating students (In order of appearance): Kaitlyn Allaire (Pratt), Dylan Burt (PNCA), Rachel Caires (Pratt), Jinie Choi (Pratt), Jaymee Donelson (PNCA), Alexander Dovelin (PNCA), Liliya Drubetskaya (PNCA), Clarissa Eck (Pratt), Anne Ferguson (PNCA), Ruthie Fish (Pratt), Justin Hall (PNCA), Lea Rebecca Karlsen (PNCA), Samantha Mash (PNCA), Kayla Mayer (PNCA), Kelsey McGilvrey (PNCA), Katie M. Newman (PNCA), Autumn Rose Northcraft (PNCA), Caroline O’Grady (PNCA), Ona Pitschka (PNCA), Nicole Rifkin (Pratt), Liz Schafroth (PNCA), Matt Seely (PNCA), Nick Stokes (PNCA), Adriana Vawdrey (PNCA),
Shaleigh Westphall (PNCA), Hannah Xenakis (Pratt).

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