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The Tin House Wordstock Bingo Board

This weekend is WORDSTOCK! Tin House will be at booth #413. Stop by to check out our latest titles (author Alexis Smith will read at 4:00 pm on Saturday) and get a copy of the Portland-Brooklyn issue, which Jon Raymond, Karen Karbo, and Willy Vlautin will read from at 4pm on Sunday.

In honor of the occasion, we’ve created the Tin House Wordstock Bingo Board.

Print out a copy or pick one up from our booth.  Then, find five in a row of the listed Wordstock sightings and bring your board back to us to win Mindblowing Prizes! Photo documentation of your spottings is highly encouraged, and may appear here on the Open Bar.

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  1. Janet says:

    Pauls Toutonghi assured me that he does not have a birthmark :-)

  2. Janet says:

    I’ve started with a Broadway Books punch card!

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