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Workshop Gems

As we continue to sift through our journals, notebooks, and countless crumpled up cocktail napkins that were accumulated during our most recent Writer’s Workshop, we offer up an initial batch of some of our favorite quotes from the conference.

“Poets are like early Christians, hiding in caves and hoping you’ll last, hoping you won’t get crucified or worse.” -Matthew Dickman

“Write to exhaustion so that you can no longer manage to avoid writing the truth” -Elissa Schappell

“You know things about the world that no one else knows….(As a writer) you just have to be there to catch them.”—Dana Spiotta

“Your readership should never be everybody. If it is, you’ve done something wrong.”- Karen Karbo

“Asymmetry in movement through time often works better than bookending a story with flashbacks or flashforwards, since that’s the way memory naturally works—not as a frame, but as jumping off point.” -Jess Walter

“It’s okay to pay particular attention to your life.” –Charles D’Ambrosio

“This is what I value/This is how I act. The difference between those two statements is what most literature is about.”-Jim Shepard

“Why should only douchebags get to wear breezy tanks?” –Karen Russell

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(23) Comments

  1. Comment Dave says:

    Jesus was a poet.

  2. Chigoz says:

    Matthew Dickman should will someday regret this statement he made, and it is a shame that TinHouse allows such animist and unreasonable thought be voiced on its pages. Anyone can say anything about God or Christians, no troubles. But make such statements about anyone else or any “secular” group and people malign you–so sad.

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