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An Open Bar Round Up: A Few Good Sentences

For two years now, some of our favorite authors have been talking about some of their favorite sentences. Sentences that stirred in them something primal and real, and urged them to dance.

As there is no greater day to dance than Monday, we thought it fitting to look back at some of the captivating sentences that stopped our authors in their tracks and caused us to read them aloud. Enjoy!

Peter Rock on Diane Williams

Dorothea Lasky on Mary Jo Bang

Matthew Specktor on Saul Bellow

Aimee Bender on Angela Carter

Lincoln Michel on Franz Kafka

Stephen Sparks on Stanley Crawford

Lucy Corin on Nikolai Gogol

Edward Gauvin on Charles McCarry

Jim Krusoe on Edgar Allen Poe

Jaime Quatro on Amy Hempel

Kate Brittain on Barry Hannah

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Posted in Art of the Sentence

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