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Holiday! Shopping! Discounts!

Because we want nothing more than your money loved ones to be happy this holiday season, allow us to suggest a few gift ideas for those on your shopping list who might normally be hard to buy for.

  • Know someone who is planning to drink his or her way through the holidays? Why not give them The Tin House Good Libations Collection?
  • Is your partner's New Year's resolution to become more worldly? Instead of taking them on that trip to Paris you promised years ago, try the Tin House International Collection instead.
  • Don't know what to get Uncle John's new girlfriend? Has she been making eyes at you? You'll want the Tin House starter kit then. It's the perfect collection to let her know you are well read...and available (the tee-shirt and tote make an excellent sleepover combo).
  • Was Dad's #NaNoWriMo a bust this year? Or do you need a gift for that cute boy in workshop who writes terribly endearing stories about his secret love for you? How about the Writer's Series?
  • Looking for a gift that you will undoubtedly keep for yourself rather than wasting it on some jerk off cousin? The Kish Collection is the present YOU deserve.


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