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A.J. Albany’s Low Down – Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2014!

Low Down: Junk, Jazz, and Other Fairy Tales from Childhood

a memoir by A. J. Albany

has been adapted to a film starring John Hawkes,

Elle Fanning, Peter Dinklage, Glenn Close,

Lena Headey, and Flea. 


Low Down, A. J. Albany’s fond memoir of a fractured childhood in the hot center of Hollywood’s 1960s noir jazz scene, began as an essay in Tin House magazine. Former Tin House editor Jeanne McCulloch first heard of Albany from Epoch Film director Jeff Preiss, who met her on the set of a commercial he was filming in Los Angeles. He urged her to write down some of her anecdotes of life with her father, Joe Albany, a great jazz pianist. With an eye toward Tin House’s upcoming music issue, McCulloch asked to see the pages Albany had written. The result, Albany’s essay, was published as the lead feature in Tin House’s Winter 2001 Music Issue to great acclaim. Eager to start a book publishing arm, Tin House publisher Win McCormack thought a full-length memoir of Albany’s recollection of life with her father would be a fine first book to launch the press. With Low Down in mind, Tin House Books and Bloomsbury Books formed a partnership and the book was published in 2003. Tin House Books (no longer associated with Bloomsbury) reissued the memoir this November.

Check out these great stills from the set!

























































Low Down will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, January 19.

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