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Tin House Reels: Afroditi Bitzouni

Tin House Reels is pleased to screen Afroditi Bitzouni’s animated interpretation of the Greek poet Tasos Livaditis’s “Night.”

Bitzouni conceived her video “when my laptop was broken.” “At that time,” she explains, “there was nothing better to do other than flipping the pages of my fairytales and reading my favorite poems.  I was reading [the poem ‘Night,’] every night for months. The illustrations [in my video] were based on a drawing I had done on the bottom of the poem in the book.”

An animator who lives in Athens, Greece, Bitzouni makes literary videos as “my passion…a way to develop my narrative abilities…combining live action…with different forms of art such as music, poetry, choreography.” For “Night,” she drew images in Adobe Illustrator and textured them in Photoshop, using a scanned image of the book of poems itself as texturing in order to create an illusion of collage and to clearly relate the video to the poem in the book.

A translation of the poem “Night” follows, translated by Manolis Aligizakis.

 – Night –

There is a door in the night that only the blind see,

darkness makes the animals hear better,

and him, staggered, not from being drunk,

but from his futile effort to climb

up to the tower, we once lost.


Afroditi Bitzouni is a member of IndyvisuaIs Design Collective . She studied Product and Systems Design Engineering at The University of the Aegean, as well as Animation at The Glasgow School of Art.  Her work has appeared in the Athens Video Art Festival, LPM (Live Performers Meeting), the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, and other venues.

The sound was produced by DJ Enthro of Psyclinic Tactix.

Tin House Reels is a weekly feature on The Open Bar dedicated to the craft of short filmmaking. Curated by Ilana Simons, the series features videos by artists who are forming interesting new relationships between images and words.
We are now accepting submissions for Tin House Reels. Please upload your videos of 15 minutes or less to Youtube or Vimeo and send a link of your work to tinhousereels@gmail.com. You may also send us a file directly.


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