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Tin House Books – 2014!

Carve out space on your nightstand—Tin House Books has some great reading coming up in 2014!

  • "Mountford has written a distinctively entertaining novel that illuminates the spiritual odyssey of a contemporary Dodsworth." — Starred PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
  • “Bianca Stone’s poems are powerful, moving, and original. There is an amazing image center in her brain! Her brain (psyche, heart) can wrestle the matter of life to the ground (a pleasure for matter), and shapechange with it, and it does not give up its ghost but reveals, in joy and sorrow, its spirit.Stone’s poems are highly charged, lively, and interesting. They are fiercely anti-sentimental, and emotionally generous.” —Sharon Olds, Pulitzer-Prize–winning author of STAG'S LEAP
  • “This is a strange, haunting meditation on aloneness and the melancholy of frustrated love, written knowingly about a character bereft of self-knowledge. The language is precise and considered, the mood sustained, the effect at once narrative and poetic. A lovely, elegant debut novel.” — Andrew Solomon, author of THE NOONDAY DEMON, winner of the National Book Award, and FAR FROM THE TREE, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award
  • Artist and illustrator Allen Crawford has turned the original sixty-page poem from Whitman’s 1855 edition into a sprawling 234-page work of art. The handwritten text and illustrations intermingle in a way that’s both surprising and wholly in tune with the spirit of the poem—they’re exuberant, rough, and wild. WHITMAN ILLUMINATED: SONG OF MYSELF is a sensational reading experience, an artifact in its own right, and a masterful tribute to the Good Gray Poet.
  • "US CONDUCTORS stretches its arms to encompass nearly everything—it is an immigrant tale, an epic, a spy intrigue, a prison confession, an inventor's manual, a creation myth, and an obituary—but the electric current humming through its heart is an achingly resonant love story. Sean Michaels orchestrates his first novel like a virtuoso." —Anthony Marra, author of A CONSTELLATION OF VITAL PHENOMENA
  • "Wow. Just...Wow. THE OTHER SIDE is the sonic boom of a powerful story meeting an even more powerful storyteller. It's hard to say anything about a book that leaves you this breathless. Lacy Johnson is my new literary hero." —Mat Johnson, author of PYM
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