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Essay on Urban Homesteading, a Poem

As the weather grows warm and we grow restless, we’re reminded of Allison Titus’ vital, burning poem from Issue 57, The Wild Issue.



The dumb hours blunt the after

noon with bottle neck


with clover & weeds

almost meadowed


& black widows & the mint.

There are so many ways


to be tired. All summer list

& ungather, place strategic


plywood over yielding

planks. The beginning


a swelter now settled :

now not new :


We have our pick of bars

& a new bullet


ratio : a little less day-to-day

interruption : a little less


metal : barrel : slate : syringe.

Les watch-how-the-dark



We settle in,


accommodate the history

of what is left


to us, blue marl & viaduct,

cold storage units


turned into lofts; sirens

& blackouts;


a rampage of ten-year-old boys

throwing rocks.


Allison Titus is the author of the book Sum of Every Lost Ship. Her poems have been published in A Public Space, Black Warrior Review, and Gulf Coast. She lives in Richmond, VA.


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