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Wisdom Coupon, Robinson

“There is the odd privilege of existence as a coherent self, the ability to speak the word ‘I’ and mean by it a richly individual history of experience, perception, and thought. For the religious, the sense of the soul may have as a final redoubt, not as argument but as experience, that haunting I who wakes us in the night wondering where time has gone, the I we waken to, sharply aware that we have been unfaithful to ourselves, that a life lived otherwise would have acknowledged a yearning more our own than any of the daylit motives whose behests we answer to so diligently.” — Marilynne Robinson, Absence of Mind

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  1. I really enjoy your “Wisdom Coupon” pieces. They brighten my day and force me to take a moment and contemplate on a single bright thought. Marilynne Robinson’s words are poignant and have put a smile on my face! Thank you for the post.

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