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The Tin House Podcast: On Dialogue, with Dorothy Allison

After a lengthy summer absence (we had a lot on our plate), the infamous Tin House Podcast returns with a fantastic lecture on dialogue from our good friend (and literary crush) Dorothy Allison.

Gifted with a voice that could command an audience in any era, Dorothy treated the participants of this past summer’s Tin House Writer’s Workshop to a spirited discussion (you can listen here) on how characters should speak on the page.  Not only ‘he said, she said, none of them said a thing’, but a whole range of language issues–what is said and not said, dialect and rhythm, pacing, patterns in speech, and most importantly, the language of gesture and avoidance.

Yes, there was a bit of cursing involved in the lecture, but to be cursed at by Dorothy Allison is an experience to be treasured. Trust us, we have firsthand experience.

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Comments: 4

(10) Comments

  1. It did finally come through–thanks!

  2. Lance Cleland says:

    Yes, you should be able to get Episode 3 in iTunes now. Sorry for the hassle.

  3. Has the iTunes feed been fixed? Episode 3 never showed up.

  4. Conrad Jones says:

    Amazing podcast. Makes me want to read Dorothy. And that song at the end rocks.

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