Tin House


  • 2017-Winter-Catalog-Cover2017 Tin House Winter Catalog Featuring: Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan, Swimming Lessons, Turkish Delight, Rabbit Cake, Grow Your Own, There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé, The Coyote’s Bicycle (paperback), and Tin House Magazine.
  • 2016 Tin House Summer Catalog  Featuring: Eleven Hours, Adult Onset, Last Sext, Before the Feast, Ninety-Nine Stories of God, and Tin House Magazine.
  • 2016 Tin House Winter Catalog Featuring: The Sleep Garden, The Coyote’s Bicycle, Relief Map, Montauk, and Ghosts of Bergen County, and Tin House Magazine.
  • 2015 Summer Catalog Featuring: Wondering Who You Are, A Hanging at Cinder Bottom, The Scamp, Dryland, The New and Improved Romie Futch, and Tin House Magazine.
  • 2014 Catalog Featuring: The Dismal Science, Someone Else’s Wedding Vows, The Understory, Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself, Us Conductors,The Other Side, The Search for Heinrich Schlögel, Sister Golden Hair, The Wilds, Loitering, and Tin House Magazine.
  • 2013 Catalog Featuring: Beside the Sea, The Writer’s Notebook II, Me and Mr. Booker, Cities of Refuge, Portuguese, American Dream Machine, Horses of God, The Celestials, Shake ‘Em Up, and Tin House Magazine.

  • 2012 Catalog Featuring: Glaciers, No One, The Sickness, Hot Art, Welcome to Paradise, The Listeners, What Happened to Sophie Wilder, Parsifal, Misfit, Beside the Sea, The Writer’s Notebook II, and Tin House Magazine.