Tin House


Do you have a hyperactive reading habit that your roommates are sick of hearing about? Are your excellent communication skills hidden within the marginalia of your book collection? Do you find yourself standing indecisively on street corners during the months between finishing one issue of Tin House and waiting for the next to arrive?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, a Tin House internship may be for you. Six-month internship opportunities are available at our offices in Brooklyn, New York, and in Portland, Oregon. Competition is fierce; only those applicants who demonstrate a passion for literature and a well-established familiarity with Tin House will be considered.

For more information on Tin House internships—with the magazine or our book division—in Portland, Oregon, contact Thomas Ross at thomas@tinhouse.com with your resume and letter of interest. Only applications sent via email will be considered.

For publicity and marketing internships, contact Sabrina Wise at sabrina@tinhouse.com.

Our Brooklyn office is not accepting internship applications at this time.