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Issue #29, Fall 2006

When the idea of a Graphic Issue came up and all the usual suspects surfaced, we knew we had to spin it in another wider, weirder, more eclectic direction. We wanted to push the idea of "graphic" to include not only the mostly overlooked Jack Kirby classic Challengers of the Unknown, but also an excerpt from groundbreaking graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi's Chicken With Plums, and a collage project by trailblazing cartoonist/graphic novelist/all-around-kick-ass-gal Lynda Barry (her art graces the cover). There's also the political cartoon genius of Tom Tomorrow, Daniel Raeburn's plunge into the seedy, truly cartoony mayhem of wildly popular Mexican pulp comics, and the incredible you-are-in-the-inferno essay of Jo Ann Beard, who takes us into the hellish night when painter Werner Hoeflich's apartment burst into flames. 

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Alexi Zentner

TOUCH • My father, the foreman, stood at the top of the chute, shaking his mangled hand. 'That's money in the water, boys,' he yelled, 'push on, push on.'

Gina Ochsner

SONG OF THE SELKIE • Imagine his surprise when he found one day not a shell, but a woman, nude and shivering, washed up on the breakers.

Graham Rawle

AN EXCERPT FROM WOMAN'S WORLD • Today, more than usual, I was in what Mary calls one of my 'artistic moods,' so that arranging a vase of artificial flowers on a what-not stand lasted the whole morning. Yes, my morning was very full, indeed.

Marjane Satrapi

THE SECOND DAY, AN EXCERPT FROM CHICKEN WITH PLUMS • On the second day, Nasser Ali Khan's wife, Nahid, realized that her husband still hadn't emerged from the bedroom.

Martin Lemelman

AN EXCERPT FROM MENDEL'S DAUGHTER, A MEMOIR • 'When the fresh snow came it covered up everything. To go out we had problems because we didn't want to show our steps. We was worried they will find where we was hiding.'

Dennis Nurkse


Thordis Bjornsdottir

NO. 2
NO. 3

Mark Bibbins


Mary Ruefle


Cate Peebles


Lynda Barry

Tin House editor at large Elissa Schappell contacted Barry at her home in rural Wisconsin to talk about Barry's creative process, selling art on eBay, and the lingering effects of war on the next generation.

Marjane Satrapi

The graphic novelist discusses her home country ('my psycho emotional mother'), France, and the U.S., as well as humor and gender in art, and more, with Tin House Paris Editor Heather Hartley.

Zak Smith

FORWARD FROM GRAVITY'S RAINBOW ILLUSTRATED • The artist, who drew a picture for each page of Pynchon's classic, answers the all-important question: 'What the fuck?'

Lynda Barry

A GRAPHIC ESSAY • Image, language, thought, experience ... Where do they come from, where do they go?

Peter Rock

One Photograph. Three Writers.
INSTRUCTION • We knew that it wasn't really a tattoo, that sailfish that you'd drawn; it almost passed, but the rain made the edges bleed.

Whitney Otto

One Photograph. Three Writers.
HEMINGWAY, HAIR, AND SODOMY • How can I say this? This photograph reminds me of Hemingway: his well-documented hair fetish, his famous fish, and something else.

Charles D'Ambrosio

One Photograph. Three Writers.
BAKERSFIELD • The bus driver got on his two-way radio with the dispatcher and the riders stared with their pale white faces pressed against the rainy windows.

Tom Tomorrow

THE REVISED HISTORICAL DATABASE • Hi kids! Welcome to the revised historical database version of the Bush administration, with your very own teaching simulator. Everything has always been great!

Jo Ann Beard

WERNER • On December 19, 1991, painter Werner Hoeflich leapt from the third floor window of his burning New York City apartment. Jo Ann Beard recreates that night.

Robert Marbury

THE URBAN BEAST PROJECT • From the Trash Mammoth to the Snow Hognose Skunk, the new denizens of the city landscape.

Daniel Raeburn

¡HISTORIETAS PERVERSAS! • Welcome to Mexico's 'perverse little histories'--cheap, ubiquitous comic books that revel in every possible crime against nature and society. They aren't even pornography: they're smut. And we love them.

Anne Elizabeth Moore and Christa Donner


Lord Whimsey

THE ART OF GETTING IT WRONG, PARTS I-III • The wandering path to the 'delicate, hothouse form' of a new idea.

Daniel Duford and C. Hollow

COLLABORATION • The struggle between the mundane and transcendent.

Michael Chabon, Dan Choan, Jonathan Lethem, Chris Offutt, and Luc Sante

THE SILVER AGE OF COMICS • The teen cartoons of future literary stars, with an introduction by Chris Offutt.

Todd Haynes

COMING ATTRACTION • The picture before the picture. Tin House presents storyboards for the forthcoming film I'm Not There from the director of Far From Heaven, The Velvet Goldmine, and other films.

Montana Wojczuk

THE GREAT RESURRECTION • The work of the great nineteenth century woodblock artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi reflected the bloody upheavals of Japan itself.

Karl Kesel

FEARLESS • Jack Kirby's Challengers of the Unknown.

Anthony Swofford

MY LIFE WITH SUKIYAKI • On family, lost love, foolishness, and Japanese food.

Stuart Dybek

YELLOWTAIL • The crystal blue waters off the coast of Florida contain both the elusive yellowtail snapper and a multitude of Communist recipe suggestions.

Nicholas Gurewitch

BOOKWORLD • A new world awaits...