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Do Not Disturb

Issue #8, Summer 2001

For Issue 8 we are consulting the Magic 8 Ball: Will Issue 8 of Tin House show me the path to true enlightenment, make me irresistible to French sailors, and put a jaunty bounce in my step? All signs point to yes! In Elizabeth Tallent's mesmerizing "Give," pain, past and present, is given like a gift. A lost surrogate family beats at the failing heart of Jennifer Egan's "You (plural)" while the specter of a father killed in the Balkan war haunts his widow in Josip Novakovich's "Ribs." In Agha Shahid Ali's unforgettable, elegiac poem "I Dream I Am at the Ghat of the Only World," the ghost of James Merrill accompanies the poet to the underworld on a quest for the spirit of his mother. Issue 8 also features an interview with Barney Rosset, the big bad daddy of underground letters, who recalls the extraordinary personalities he has published over the years, such as Beckett, Robbe-Grillet, Miller, Lawrence, and Oe.

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Jennifer Egan

YOU (PLURAL) • We stood naked once, side by side, trying to see if being born the same day had left a clue on us.

Michael F. Lowenthal

OVER BOY • And he thought that perhaps that's what Ecstasy truly was, the absence of doubt.

Elizabeth Tallent

GIVE • As a child, Honey was beaten, I know, so it's not innocent, this lesson.

Elizabeth Benedict

A HIGH NOTE • An excerpt from her upcoming novel Always.

Jim Lewis

HANG THE MOON • What about it, baby? I said. Want to ride the Tunnel of Love with me?

Paul West

GRAVY • His entire being was a pirouette around some darkness of his own devising.

Josip Novakovich

RIBS • She had not been with a man in years, and there was something disarmingly erotic in the uncertainty, and in the threat that this man posed.

Jerry Stahl

SEX CHANGE • An excerpt from his upcoming novel Plainclothes Naked.

Jack Livings

SATAN ARRIVES FOR THE DEATH OF CLYDE DODSON • Clyde's terror was so great that it took control of his body, evicted him from his own skin.

Lynn Chandhok


Charlie Geer

REPRISE • All the promises of the past may have lured us here, but she's not the one we wanted to undress.

Billy Collins


Donald Hall


Agha Shahid Ali


Molly Bendall


Timothy Liu


Andrew Krivak


Barney Rosset

The founder of Grove Press and the Evergreen Review talks to Tin House publisher Win McCormack about professional and personal relationships with Henry James, D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, the Beats, Robbe-Grillet, and Kenzaburo Oe.

Anderson Tepper

LOOKING FOR LORCA: FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA IN HARLEM • Retracing the steps of the Andulusian poet who loved Harlem when it was all the rage.

Sallie Tisdale

VIOLATION • The writer on trust, betrayal, and airing a family's dirty laundry.

Lisa Zeidner

NO MO PO-MO • A free association on the pathetic state of what passes for Post Modernism today.

Shusha Guppy

On Jean Rhys.

Kristin Ohlson

On Sylvia Townsend Warner's Lolly Willowes.

David Ryan

On Alexander Kluge's The Battle.

Dani Shapiro

On Hobhouse's The Furies.

Peter Behrens

On Patricia Highsmith's The Price of Salt.


"To Maecenas," a new translation by David Ferry • The poet addresses his lifelong friend and benefactor.

Anne Chotzinoff Grossman and Lisa Grossman

CHICKEN MARENGO • The Legend of Napoleon's Lucky Battlefield Meal.

Eliot Weinberger

CHANGS AND WRENS • Famous Chinese Changs throughout history. Really.