Faith, #67


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Samuel Beckett famously ended his novel The Unnamable “You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” Why? How? Is it faith that drives us onward? And if so, faith in what? Writers have struggled with this question since the first hominids started scratching symbols into rocks. Do we put our faith in our survival skills or create a pantheon of deities to guide and protect us? By the Twentieth Century, writers like Beckett put their faith in words. In our time of worldwide upheavals and immanent climate catastrophe, our faith in words is under constant assault. Yet writers do go on. For Joy Williams, a selection of micro-fictions from 99 Stories of God (soon to be published by Tin House Books) grapples with many of the same themes of her nearly fifty years of writing—the divine and the uncanny.  Alan Lightman puts his faith in the laws of nature, while Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid contemplates the fraught nature of writing in a country named after faith. Father-and-son authors Jonathan and Adam Wilson discuss their faith in the family seder, the rituals and food that transcend time and space. In his primer on the history of faith, James Carse makes the case for complexity and how not to define religion. We know that there are no simple answers to questions of faith, but our hope is that you are fighting the good fight.

Fiction by Joy Williams, Jamie Quatro, Caoilinn Hughes, Michael Helm, Ramona Ausubel, Daniel Torday

Poetry by Anne Carson, Alicia Jo Rabins, Chuang-Tzu, Sarah V. Schweig, Maureen N. McLane, James Gendron, Nate Klug, Marcus Slease

Features by James Carse, Mira Ptacin, Alex Mar, Alexis Knapp, Joshua Cohen

Limits of Faith by Mohsin Hamid, Aimee Bender, Alan Lightman, Natalie Diaz, Marilynne Robinson, Christian Wiman

Interview with Louise Erdrich

Lost & Founds by Darcey Steinke, Cheston Knapp, Leigh Newman, Justin Nobel, Pauls Toutonghi

Readable Feast by Adam and Jonathan Wilson

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Issue #67, Spring, 2016