Montaukby Max Frisch

by Max Frisch


Max Frisch’s candid story of a brief love affair illuminates a lifetime of relationships. Casting himself as both subject and observer, Frisch reflects on his marriages, children, friendships, and careers; a holiday weekend in Long Island is a trigger to recount and question events and aspects of his own life, along with creeping fears of mortality. He paints a bittersweet portrait that is sometimes painful and sometimes humorous, but always affecting. Emotionally raw and formally innovative, Frisch’s novel collapses the distinction between art and life, but leaves the reader with a richer understanding of both.

Montauk has long been considered a masterpiece in Europe, and was included in Marcel Reich-Ranicki's Canon of German Literature. It has developed a cult following in English, and now, back in print for the first time since its original release, Frisch’s novel is poised to reach the audience it deserves.

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Max Frisch (1911-1991) was born in Zurich, Switzerland before the First World War and was a soldier in the Second. In the interwar years, he traveled throughout Eastern and Central Europe as a journalist. After serving as a gunner on the Austrian and Italian borders, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became an architect. These experiences helped forge the moral consciousness and the concern for human freedom that mark his writing. The author of I’m Not Stiller, Homo Faber, and The Man in the Holocene, and the winner of the Jerusalem Prize, the Heinrich Heine Prize, and Neustadt International Prize for Literature among other honors, Frisch was one of Europe’s most important postwar writers.

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“Extremely interesting . . . has an integrity that is original and admirable.” –The New Yorker



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Max Frisch