Relief Mapby Rosalie Knecht

Relief Map
by Rosalie Knecht


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Rosalie Knecht is a social worker and translator in New York City. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania and is the translator of Cesar Aira’s The Seamstress and the Wind. Relief Map is her first novel.


“The relationships between sixteen-year-old Livy Marko, her best friend Nelson, and their contrasting parents—hers are too lax; his are too strict—are forever altered when they become caught up in a robbery and kidnapping that go awry. The dying rust-belt town of Lomath, Pennsylvania, is road-blocked and its electricity cut off while the FBI conducts a house-by-house search for an international criminal who is believed to be hiding nearby. As the town lockdown continues, paranoia grows, long-hidden secrets are revealed, and Livy and Nelson learn that even unintentional actions can have irreparable consequences. This suspenseful microcosm of teenage ennui and isolation surprises the reader with a fresh premise and likeable characters—an impressive debut of literary fiction with a strong YA crossover.”
—Shirley Wells, Watermark Books and Cafe, Wichita KS
“In her beautifully written, fresh debut novel, Rosalie Knecht puts us smack in the middle of a heat wave in the waning days of summer in a small rust-belt town of Pennsylvania.  The high temperature, lack of breeze and ennui of the town are palpable.  As the town is quarantined from the outside world by police barricades a loss of power, its residents are caught up in the manhunt for a fugitive of the Republic of Georgia who’s hiding in their midst.  Sixteen year-old Livy, her parents and the residents of Lomath, PA consider whether the real threat comes from the fugitive or rather from within their midst. This summer will change Livy’s world forever.  Lulling prose, vivid characters and a sense of place make this a rich and memorable read from an exciting new talent.”
—Linda McLoughlin Figel, Pages: A Bookstore, Manhattan Beach, CA

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