Sex, Again?, #69


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We know, it feels as if we just had sex, but that was thirteen years ago, with our wildly popular and still-whispered-about inaugural Sex Issue. So, like a panda with a low libido, we’re back in the saddle, but this time a little more jaded. In “The Famous Actor,” Jess Walter wickedly subverts the power dynamic between a celebrity and a would-be groupie, and Wells Tower turns a story of marital infidelity on its ass.  For a series of mini-essays, our simple prompt of “Awkward Positions” cast a Barry-White-like spell on D. A. Powell, Sy Montgomery, Susie Bright, Melissa Febos, and Naomi Jackson. Not surprisingly, the poets—including Saeed Jones, Bianca Stone, and Melissa Stein—get us all hot and bothered with conflicted desires. Whatever your sexual proclivities, we hope that you secretly (or not so secretly) get a rise out of this issue.

Fiction by Wells Tower, Jess Walter, Jan Wolkers, Lidija Dimkovska, Alicia Oltuski, Seth Fried, Amy Gall

Poetry by Melissa Stein, Rebecca Wolff, Kazim Ali, Saeed Jones, Bianca Stone, Sally Wen Mao, Joanna Klink

Features by Heather Sellers

Awkward Positions by D.A. Powell, Susie Bright, Melissa Febos, Naomi Jackson, Sy Montgomery

Lost & Founds by Michelle Wildgen, Nick Milne, Sarah Roahen, Logan Sherer, Gabrielle Bellot

The Last Word by Mary Ruefle

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