Winter Reading, #66


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Each July Tin House turns the Cerf Amphitheatre at Reed College into a temple of the written word. At our Summer Writer’s Workshop, editors, faculty, and over two hundred participants come together to recharge and share and risk. Night after night faculty and guest readers dazzle and disturb, and after a week of readings and talks everyone leaves spent yet rejuvenated. Often we are lucky enough to grab new work and pass it along within the magazine’s pages. This summer, Dorothy Allison shook us with her story “Something Not Unlike Love,” a ferocious depiction of how sexual attraction gets its hooks in. Cornelius Eady read two of the remarkable poems printed here, as well as performed a song for Trayvon Martin. And Claire Vaye Watkins gave a talk about how she got over “writing to impress old white men.” It was stirring, powerful, most of us in the room hearing articulated what we strongly felt but hadn’t quite been able to formulate into words. Watkins modified the talk into an essay, “On Pandering,” and we are proud to share this call to arms. Wherever you are this winter, we hope that you will hold the light we tried to capture from last July. And if you are in the neighborhood next summer, drop by and join us.

Fiction by Dorothy Allison, Patrick deWitt, Helen Phillips, Martha McPhee, Drew Ciccolo, James Scudamore, and Andrea Barrett

Poetry by Sharon Olds, Caroline Knox, Adam Fitzgerald, Cornelius Eady, Caroline O’Connor Thomas, and Timmy Straw

Features by Claire Vaye Watkins, Evie Wyld & Joe Sumner, Rachel Jamison Webster, CJ Hauser, and John Fischer

Lost & Founds by Carrie Brown, James Guida, Pamela Erens, Scott F. Parker, and Carol Keeley

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Issue #66, Winter, 2015