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After reading our Guidelines, please click the appropriate link and follow the prompts: Applications go live January 9th


General Applications: Deadline is May 1st

Short Fiction
Novel Writing
Creative Nonfiction/Memoir

Scholarship Applications: Deadline is March 27th 

Short Fiction Scholarship
Novel Writing Scholarship
Creative Nonfiction/Memoir Scholarship
Poetry Scholarship


A board composed of Tin House Workshop editorial staff members decides upon applications. Acceptance is based on the strength and promise of the writing sample, as well as how much the board feels an applicant might benefit from the Workshop.

Once accepted, enrollment into the program is granted on a first-come, first-served basis (meaning you must put down a deposit to secure a spot). We encourage students to apply early, as workshops fill quickly.

Including scholarship applications, we average around 1,100 applications per summer. Our acceptance rate last year was 30%.

The general application deadline is May 1st.

The average turnaround time for applications is six weeks.

Participants may only attend our workshops (including Winter) for three consecutive years. If you have attended in 2014, 2015, and 2016, we kindly ask that you apply again in 2018.

Tin House Scholars

We are pleased to announce that we will be awarding both full (includes room and board) and tuition scholarships for the 2017 Tin House Summer Workshops. All scholarship recipients will need to provide for their own transportation to and from Reed College.

A board composed of Tin House Workshop editorial staff members reviews each scholarship application, and judges the work based on its execution and promise, as well as how much the board feels an applicant might benefit from the Workshop. The board’s final decisions are made on the merit of the writing sample alone. Please do not send letters of recommendation.

The deadline for scholarship applications is March 27, 2017.

We will notify scholarship recipients by email by April 19, 2017.

One may be awarded a scholarship once.

All scholarship applicants will also be considered for general admission (meaning you do not need to submit a general application as well). Scholarship applicants will receive 2 announcements concerning their applications: an initial yes/no as to general admittance, followed by a yes/no as to the scholarship.

Please note that acceptance into the workshop does not guarantee you a spot; you must put down a deposit to secure placement. Registering early gives you preference in the assigning of workshop leaders (some of whom tend to fill up rather quickly). We assign faculty on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All Tin House Scholars will have a spot in the workshop held for them, however, we cannot guarantee that it will be with one of your top three faculty choices.


A full auditor’s pass ($300) gives you access to all craft lectures, agent/editor meetings, and our evening faculty readings. There will also be an opportunity for a select number of you to exchange manuscripts will your fellow auditors. While we don’t allow auditors to sit in the actual workshop sessions with the faculty, you will get the chance to interact with them during many of the social functions we throw daily. One of the great things about our workshop is the lack of hierarchy. Everyone, no matter their publishing credentials, is treated the same.

Applications for the auditing program will go live March 1st. There is no fee to apply.